What is your ideal cupboard?

Hello, I’m Hanada, your drawing supervisor.

In this issue, we will talk about cupboards.

There are two main types of cupboards.

The first is a ready-made cupboard.

There are a wide variety of manufacturers, and depending on the product, the price can be reduced and the same surface material can be used as in the kitchen, creating a sense of unity.
With major manufacturers, it is easy to imagine and make fewer mistakes because they have showrooms where you can easily check sizes and textures.

The second is a built-in cupboard.

You can make your own cupboards in any shape you like, and you can freely decide on the color and even the detailed size, so you can make them look great and stylish.
Of course, it is difficult to think from scratch, so at Ridghouse, our coordinators will listen to your needs and the size of the furniture you have and make the best proposal for you, so you can rest assured that we will do our best…â

Another way to smarten up the look is to hide the cupboards inside the storage.

If you don’t want to make it look too lived-in, please refer to it for a cleaner look (^^)/.

Please feel free to contact us at Lid House so that we can help you create your ideal home♪
We look forward to seeing you soon 🥰.

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