If you’re not sure about the floor plan, first consider the frustrations of your current lifestyle!

Hello everyone.
I am Hanada, in charge of making drawings.

It’s said to be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make in your life.

My home!

You definitely don’t want to regret it ((+_+))?

The key to creating a livable home is to

”Floor Plan”.

It’s very important to convey a summary of your desires for the kind of house you want, but it’s also very important to
Sometimes it is a little more than just telling us what you want.

If you are building a custom home, the problems you are having with your current home
It is meaningless if it is not resolved.

The solution to that problem is,

Communicate inconveniences and problems in your current life.

That’s what I mean!

For example, even if you take a single phrase, “The entranceway is too small and inconvenient,” it is still a good idea.
Why is it inconvenient for you?
Various cases can be envisioned.

The front door is too narrow and only one person can put on shoes at a time.
Inconvenient due to lack of space for shoes and other things.
…I don’t like that the entrance is so small and dark.

I think it is possible that all of the things I just mentioned apply, such as.

Even if the same single phrase “the entrance is too small and inconvenient” is used.
There are many reasons why a person may feel the way they do.
I’ll tell you why I took it a step further.
I think it would be a more satisfactory floor plan.

Whether you are considering housing or not.
Please contact Lid Corporation at least once for a discussion.
We are waiting for you.

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