Warm in winter and cool in summer
Pursuing a comfortable environment

Temperatures in winter can be below minus 20 degrees, and in summer can be above 30 degrees in Hokkaido. And in some areas, the environment is harsh for housing due to heavy snowfall and exposure to sea winds.
Even in such an environment, RID HOUSE continues to pursue housing features that keep you cool in summer and warm and comfortable in winter. In addition, the high insulation performance contributes to energy saving in heating and cooling, which in turn reduces the cost of utilities in summer and winter.

Construction method for high insulation performance

Double insulation inside and outside

The entire house, not only the exterior walls but also the ceiling and floor, is wrapped in high performance insulation, providing outstanding insulation performance.
Even in the openings that are susceptible to the outside temperature, highly insulated housing components are used to create a highly insulated home, as if the entire house were wrapped in a thermos.
In summer, cooling is more effective by blocking sunlight and heat, and in winter, even a little heating is warm by shutting out the cold air outside. You can always keep a comfortable room temperature and enjoy an energy-saving lifestyle.

Triple sash

Windows are the easiest place for a house to escape heat.
The most commonly used is pair glass, but triple glass is used to provide even higher insulation.
These layers of fine insulation provide high airtightness and high insulation.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced Ventilation is a system in which mechanical ventilation devices, such as fans, are installed at both the inlet and outlet air vents.
RID HOUSE has a ventilation system with heat exchange ventilation, so the sucked air is less susceptible to outside temperatures.