About asphalt pavement

Hello. It has become completely warm and spring has sprung. Did everyone go to see the cherry blossoms? It has been a while. My name is Iizuka, and I am in charge of on-site management. The new model house in Shinkotoni is now open to the public, and many customers have visited it. Thank you very much for visiting our booth. Now, I would like...

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SNS is now open!

Hello, my name is Yamada and I am in charge of drawing.With the warm weather continuing, we are finally starting to feel spring 🌷. Now, when considering the purchase or construction of a new home, many of you may be gathering information on social networking sites. In fact, more and more of our customers are showing us images from Instagram, saying, “I want it to...

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I am glad to meet you

My name is Iseya, and I am the president of RID Corporation.This year the company is in its 30th year, and our core business is the posting business.Our posting business is to distribute flyers to residences throughout the city of Sapporo and to residences in designated areas.In the midst of such work, we launched our Real Estate Department at the end of last year and...

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