I am glad to meet you

My name is Iseya, and I am the president of RID Corporation.
This year the company is in its 30th year, and our core business is the posting business.
Our posting business is to distribute flyers to residences throughout the city of Sapporo and to residences in designated areas.
In the midst of such work, we launched our Real Estate Department at the end of last year and began selling custom-built and ready-built houses.
On a personal note, I am also a board member of Asahikawa’s Dohoku Shinko Co.
Therefore, we have started the Real Estate Department at RID Corporation with the hope of bringing the houses of the Dohoku region to the people of Sapporo.
All of our ready-built houses are in good locations that we are particular about, and we plan to have about 10 to 15 per year, so we hope to keep you posted on our website.
And about 10 more clients for custom homes…very grateful.
We have more meetings with coordinators for custom-built housing than any other company, and since there is no space for meetings in our existing office, we built a new office building next to ours.
Our RID coordinators have a great sense of style. They are on a different level from the coordinators I have seen in the past.
Most of the houses I am in charge of at Dohoku Shinko are currently coordinated by RID.
We invite you to experience the outstanding design and performance of our homes with our excellent coordinators.

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