Let’s get through the hot summer,!

Hello everyone!

Today, it finally begins ✨✨.

And there are plenty of summer events awaiting us next month, including a fireworks display: !!!!

At last, summer is coming! It’s time to feel it!

But speaking of summer, it’s hot !!!!

Temperatures are rising, but so are the electricity bills.
Can I turn on the air conditioner, and what can I do to save money?
I believe that many people think that this is a good idea.

You can save money on your electricity bill if you leave your air conditioner on! I am sure everyone is aware of this information these days.

That’s how careful everyone is about saving money, 💦.

There are ways to make it even cooler by combining it with other things instead of air conditioning alone!

First of all… Use a shade, a screen, or a sunshade.
Solar radiation and outside temperatures have a significant impact on room temperature. It is recommended that measures be taken for windows where they are likely to come in!
Although this may not be very familiar in Hokkaido, it is important to take measures against solar radiation outside the window rather than inside, and not to raise the temperature of the window itself!

Secondly, review the temperature setting.
Raising the temperature setting of the air conditioner by 1°C saves about 10% of electricity! Try to stay as comfortable as possible without lowering the temperature setting! It is dangerous to be too patient and get heat stroke, so please also try to cool down without air conditioning,!

Three… Use a combination of fans and circulators.
Warm air is light and accumulates on the ceiling, but cold air from the air conditioner is heavy and tends to accumulate near the floor, so “cold air puddles” can form around the bottom of the wall facing the air conditioner. If the ceiling is hot and the floor is cold, the air conditioner installed at the top of the wall will not be able to sense the floor temperature and will continue to operate unnecessarily. This will reduce the temperature difference in the room and allow you to use the air conditioning effectively!

Other measures include replacing incandescent lamps with LEDs to prevent the emission of heat as much as possible.
Cooling the large blood vessels with refrigerants or cool neck rings, using the diuretic effect of summer vegetables to lower the body temperature, etc.
You can also try how to cool off without spending money on electricity: !!!!

In addition, LID provides economical comfort with a single air conditioner that keeps everything inside the room at the same temperature.

We have introduced !!!!

This system can only be used in houses that meet high standards for insulation and airtightness.
LID has met these standards and is able to install the system.
The average monthly electricity bill is in the 10,000 yen range. !!!!!

If you would like to know more details, please visit the YUCACO System page !!!!

If you want to know more details, please contact us! Please contact Lid for more information!
We will be happy to explain in detail: !!!!

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