Comfortable space

Hello everyone! The cold season has finally arrived⛄
There may be more days when it is too cold to go outside 😢.

At such times, wouldn’t it be nice to have a space in your warm house where you can relax and read a book? ☕
In this issue, we will talk about the cozy space ” nook”.

Nook means ” cozy and cozy place.
The word is said to have originally come from the Scottish word “nook” (neuk).

A nook is a space of about 2 to 3 tatami mats, often placed in a corner of a living room such as the LDK or under the stairs, where you can spend your own time while feeling connected to your family and feeling their presence.
For example, you can focus on what you like to do while being in the same space when your family is watching TV.

Basically, it can be built in a small space, allowing you to take advantage of dead space in your home! It will be happy to be used as a little play space or secret base for children☺.

Here is an example of a 2 tatami nook space next to the kitchen at the customer’s request

Completion perspective

The nook is a cozy space but not as essential as the kitchen or living room.
Therefore, we would like to build a nook! If you want to build a nook, you can do so in a custom-built house☺.
If you want a place where you can spend time with your family with a good sense of distance, please contact Lid!

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