8 things not to do during the Obon period

It’s that hot time of year again!

Have you made memorial services for your ancestors?

Now, this is the time of year when people gather for something, but did you know that there are some things that are not supposed to be done during the Obon period?

So today, we would like to make a little announcement for your reference.

What not to do during Obon… 1

Going to the waterfront during the Obon period is one of the most widely said NG activities that should not be done during the Obon season.

Some of you may have experienced the threat of being dragged into the water when you went swimming or playing in the river during the Bon festival when you were a child.

There is a well-known legend that ghosts who are not offered memorial services draw humans into the water out of loneliness

What not to do during Obon… 2

The act of mistreating the lives of living creatures is also something that should not be done on a typical Bon festival.

Since Obon is a Buddhist event, the basic Buddhist teaching of not mistreating the lives of living creatures is an important matter to be observed.

In some areas, it is said that ” Ancestors come back on dragonflies during Obon,” so it is better to refrain from catching insects (^_^)/.

Fishing is also an act that shortens the lives of living creatures at the hands of humans, so it is probably best to avoid Obon if possible (although I often see people fishing in the ocean and rivers💦).

What not to do during Obon… 3

Needlework is another relatively well-known taboo practice among the things not to do during Obon.

The reason why needlework is not allowed on Obon is that there is a risk of accidentally pricking your finger with a needle and causing it to bleed ()

Since blood is considered as “uncleanness,” it is believed that people should avoid any activities that may cause bleeding during the Bon Festival, a Buddhist event.

What not to do during Obon… 4

Some people may not know this, but it is said that displaying spiky flowers such as roses and cacti is also not allowed during Obon.

Spikes, like needles, can cause injury and blood, and should be avoided as much as possible, not only for flowers for offerings but also for decorations in the home.

As for flowers, red flowers, which remind people of blood, should also be avoided during the Bon Festival.

Many people will be careful with flowers for offerings, but be careful during the Obon season with the flowers that decorate your home’s entrance and rooms☺.

What not to do during Obon… 5

Obon is not a time to take care of the lives of all living creatures, so it is better to refrain from eating meat and fish if at all possible ❔❔❔❔.

It is not absolutely prohibited to do so during the Obon season, but barbecuing at Obon gatherings is actually a leisure activity that should be avoided strictly speaking….

Even when people gather for the Obon vacation, it is said to avoid eating a lot of fish and meat on the 14th and 15th, the middle days of the Bon festival💦.

(I would do it lol).

What not to do during Obon… 6

Moving is another typical NG event in what not to do during Obon.

Obon is originally an event to make offerings to the spirits of ancestors, and celebrations should be avoided.

Obon is the period during which the spirits of ancestors return to their homes, so if you move during the Obon season, you will not be able to properly welcome your ancestors!

As for the origin of why moving during Obon is not a good idea, it has long been said that the soil should not be dug or moved during the summer Doyo period, and this may be the reason why moving is not a good idea.

Depending on the nature of the move, it is safe to avoid the Obon period if at all possible, such as moving to a new house for good luck☺.

What not to do during Obon… 7

As mentioned earlier, celebrations are not supposed to be held on Obon, so it is safe to avoid registrations and weddings as well.

If Obon is convenient for you because of the holidays and people tend to gather, it is not an absolute no-no, but if you are concerned about it, it is recommended to avoid it 👆.

Although it is not absolutely forbidden to hold a registry on Obon, as with weddings, it would be safer to hold it on a different day if you want to bring good luck.

Since there are regional differences in weddings in particular, it is a good idea to consider the customs of both parties’ places of residence before deciding on an appropriate date.

What not to do during Obon… 8

Depending on how much you care, delivery of cars and registration of cars may also be said to be prohibited on Obon.

It is also true that many people are more concerned with good luck in matters related to cars, as safety is a primary concern.

As mentioned in the section on the waterfront, Obon is also said to be a time when spirits that are not offered are said to wander about, so it is best to avoid it if you are concerned.

Even if you don’t mind superstitions, you should also keep in mind the fact that if the car is delivered during Obon, the car will inevitably be inspected around Obon as well.

There are many different ways to do this, but I think there are differences by region, so I hope this is just for reference!

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