After-sale service

Reliable after-sales service

After delivery, we will conduct regular inspections for 20 years.
In addition to a 10 year warranty on major structural bearing areas, we offer a 30 year long-term warranty on the most important ground.
Inspectors and architects from JHS (Japan Home Shield Co., Ltd.) will inform customers about the inspection timing, arrange the schedule and conduct the inspection in years 10, 15 and 20, as well as in our company for the 1st month, 6th month, 1st year, 1st year, 1st year and 2nd year after delivery.

Ministerial Ordinance Semi-Fireproof Structure
It is a structure with fire protection performance equivalent to the quasi-fire-resistant structure prescribed by the Building Standards Act, and although it is a wooden house, it can easily be classified as a T-structure, which is equivalent to a lightweight steel structure, according to the building structure class of fire insurance.

ground survey

In order to build a home that is earthquake-resistant and comfortable for a long time, it is necessary to construct a foundation suitable for the ground of the site.
RID HOUSE collaborates with a professional research company to conduct ground bearing capacity surveys such as Swedish sounding tests, and if, by any chance, the ground is found to be soft, we propose changes to the proper foundation shape or ground improvement work according to the bearing capacity of the land, and complete foundation construction is carried out.