All are sophisticated space design.
Four features proposed by RID HOUSE

We listen carefully to the house that you envision and do everything from planning to design.
We propose construction methods and functions that are appropriate for the location.

Planning / Design

A highly flexible planning that combines traditional construction methods with modern technology. And a timeless design that you will feel attached to as you live in it. We propose the creation of spaces with a high level of both design and functionality by fusing traditional construction methods with modern technology.

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Construction / Structural Material

The construction method used for the structure is the conventional wooden construction method. There are two reasons why we adopt this construction method. One is the high degree of freedom in spatial organization. The other is to take advantage of the technological capabilities we have developed over the years.
This construction method can have sufficient strength and performance if the accuracy is increased.

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R.I.D Planning continues to pursue housing performance that allows people to live comfortably in cool summers and warm winters in any environment. In addition, the high insulation performance contributes to energy saving in heating and cooling, which in turn reduces the cost of utilities in summer and winter.

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After-sale service

Periodic inspections will take place for 20 years after delivery. In addition to a 10 year warranty on the main parts of the house, we offer a 30 year long-term warranty on the most important ground, so you can live with peace of mind.

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