Construction / Structural Material

Housing varies from person to person

RID HOUSE houses use traditional wooden construction methods.
This method, also known as the timber framing method, has been around for a long time, and carpenters assemble the wood and build it over time.
At RID HOUSE, we believe that this construction method is the best choice because it offers a high degree of freedom in the spatial composition of the building to meet the lifestyle requirements of each customer.
Even though each family and each person has their own life, the basic structure of the house remains the same.
We have adopted this construction method of tenderness in strength, which allows us to create each special space so that it does not become a common house or an ordinary house.

For building strong houses

Wooden houses consist of a framework of structural parts such as columns and beams.
The wood used for these main structural parts (Columns, beams, roofs, floors, etc.) is called structural material. Structural materials are the most important part of a house to keep it safe.
It's not an exaggeration to say that the difference between a house that generally lasts and one that doesn't depends on the quality of this structural material. The wood used for the structural material is spruce laminated wood.
The wood used by RID HOUSE is one of the most common, with superior elasticity and compressive strength.
It is possible to maintain the quality of the house over a long period of time because there is little twisting or bending of the wood over time.