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Hello!  This is Abe from the Sales Department.

Tangentially, today, June 12, is “Lover’s Day.

Even if you are someone who has long since forgotten that you are a lover,

Don’t you get excited when it is somehow called Lover’s Day?

Incidentally, the origin is in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil,

June 12, the day before Saint Antonius, the saint of matchmaking, died, as “Lover’s Day”,

Since it is customary for lovers to put their pictures in a picture frame and exchange them with each other.

It is also “Lover’s Day” in Japan.

June 12 is “Lover’s Day.”

June 12 is “Lover’s Day” as explained above.

In the West, we are not afraid to show off our love more than in Japan,

There is a wide variety of ways to say “lover”.

The most famous is probably ” Lover,” but there are other…

  • Darling *This word is used for men in Japan, but it can also be used for women.
  • Sugar
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetie
  • Cutie *This one may be used for men as well as for women.
  • Honey

There is a wide variety, including

Just as the Japanese language has many words to describe the seasons,

There are many ways of expressing what is important in the country that deals with that language,

After all, “love” is probably the most important thing for the West.

This is something that Japan could learn from.

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