Creating a home for living with pets

Hello. I am Yamada, in charge of drawing creation.

In recent years, the number of pet owners has increased greatly as people spend more time at home.
In fact, we seem to sense that many of our customers who are considering new construction in Lido are also saying that they have a dog or a cat.

One of the main concerns when living with pets is the walls and floors.
We also introduce products that are scratch-resistant, non-slip, odor-absorbent, and easy to clean.

Also, many customers have adopted a “pet door” with a small doorway that allows pets to freely enter and leave the room, reducing the stress of pets that used to wait for someone to come out of the door and allowing them to spend their time freely.

If you have a kitty🐱, you can ask about catwalks and towers.

A variety of ready-made products are available from manufacturers, including steps that can be removed freely with magnets and box-shaped molding components.

I have the impression that they often look out the window, but there are various reasons for this, including stress relief, relaxation, and sunbathing 🐈 (also known as “nyalsock”).
The “Nyalsock” is important for cats. We can make suggestions and perspective (images) for the installation of windows that also serve as catwalks.

↑This is a perspective (image of the completed house) created for a customer who actually plans to live in the house with his/her cat.
A door for pets and a cat step in the hallway. A window at the end of the step is used as a nyalsock space.

Pets are part of the family. We will help you create a comfortable home for everyone who lives here!
Lido has a number of staff members who are certified dog and cat lover housing coordinators. Please feel free to consult with us.

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