Switch niches are popular.

Hello! This is coordinator Onee(^O^)

Switch niches are popular among recent homebuilders!
In recent years, about 80% of our clients have selected us!

Have you all heard of the switch niche?

A switch niche is a wall space where switches and intercoms are installed that is slightly indented.
This eliminates the protrusion of switches from the wall.
This is a version with a shallow depth of niche (*’omega’*)

As shown in the image, switches, intercom, outlets, etc. can be put together!

This switch niche can be a switch-only niche, but it can also be a switch-only niche.
It can be combined with a regular niche and used for display.
It is also a practical space when combined with a niche that can be used as a bookshelf (^O^)/.

It looks neat and can be resized to fit the way you use it.

At Lid, our coordinators can suggest the shape, size, and location of all such niches. ✨

I don’t know what shape to make it, or where to put it,
If you have any problems such as these, please come to Lid(*’omega’*).

We are looking forward to meeting you all! (^O^)

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