New new housing in Shinkotoni

Hi ☺️
This is coordinator Horiuchi!
This time we would like to introduce a new subdivision in Shinkotoni.

Recently, many people are no longer leaving their homes in Corona, and many of the clients have requested that we build them a warm and bright image 🏠(🏠).

Based on such feedback, the floor is a natural color to create a soft and warm image.

The fixtures are dark brown to accentuate the softness of the room,
The lowered ceiling is toned to add brightness.

The living room is very sunny and the sunlight will give you even more warmth 😊You can also add indirect lighting at night to change the atmosphere and enjoy it again.

The study can be used spaciously and comfortably, so there is no doubt that you will be able to make progress with your remote and study.)
There is plenty of storage, so it’s great for putting books or stylishly displaying accessories ✨✨.

There is a little desk in the bedroom.
The closet is also large and easy to store.

In case you are wondering, all display items such as beds, sofas, and accessories that are placed here are included 🌼*.

And the location is very convenient, very close to a convenience store!
Please contact Lid if you are interested.
We look forward to seeing you soon ✨.

Click here for more information☺👇.

Shinkotoni Subdivision SN-20 – RID HOUSE (

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