YUCACO System Sapporo Model House OPEN!

Finally, tomorrow, June 29, the first YUCACO System Sapporo model house will open in Sapporo!

YUCACO system for whole-house air conditioning in Asahikawa, which received a great response

In order to realize [monthly heating and cooling costs of 10,000 yen per month with a single air conditioner], this system can only be used in homes with insulation that exceeds the ultra-high performance ZEH, with a UA value of 0.25 or less and a C value of 0.2 or less, allowing you to live comfortably in both summer and winter!

Room temperature changes are minimal, heat shock is reduced, and air is circulated at high airflow rates to control comfortable humidity levels.

It is also equipped with an air purification system that removes viruses, mold, pollen, and dust, allowing you to live in clean air all year round!

Please visit our Sapporo model house and experience for yourself.

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