Completed 2 houses for sale in Tomigaoka!


This time, we would like to introduce two houses for sale in Tomigaoka, Teinei-ku, which have been completed!

This is a “simple natural residence with a sense of warmth” with an awareness of wood grain.

This is the “simple taste residence with a sophisticated atmosphere” with gray tone floors.

The living room is located on the second floor, and the plan allows you to spend your private time leisurely without worrying about the surrounding sight lines.

Even the same floor plan can look completely different with different tastes, so please come and experience “a special space that you cannot experience anywhere else!

Address: 7-10-21, Tomigaoka 1jo 7-chome, Teinei-ku, Sapporo

Both properties are open for tours, so please feel free to visit!

Our staff is looking forward to working with you.

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