Fushiko Subdivision Recommendations

Hello! This is coordinator Horiuchi.
This time, we have completed the Fushiko subdivision, and we would like to introduce our recommendations for this one.

The exterior is clean white with big, open windows!
On the first floor, there is a bedroom, a
Living room on the second floor
On the third floor, there is a Western-style room and
It is a three-story building.

The house is mostly monotone, black and white, never going out of style!
Not too cool, not too cute, so you’ll never get tired of it.
And it’s great to enjoy various looks with different colors and tastes of furniture😃.
The large windows on the 2nd and 3rd floor let in daylight and make the place bright and open, which is my favorite ↓↓↓.

The second floor is the living room.
It’s got a kitchen facing the street!
In a rear kitchen, you may cook in loneliness because you can’t join in the conversation with everyone.
This is a great place to cook while having a good conversation, or to have a party with your family and friends!
This house is also equipped with a circulator, which is unique to Lido, so the air is always clean and comfortable!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your home in more detail.

We hope you will visit us.

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