ZEH house completion tour!

The long-awaited tour of Lid House’s new home for sale is underway ♬♬

Hachiken Residence HK-19 and Hassamu Residences HS-15 and HS-17 are finally open to the public☆.

Last time we showed you a glimpse of Hachiken Houses for Sale, so this time we will show you Hassamu Houses for Sale HS-15☺.

The toilet counter and washbasin are stylishly made countertops that Rid House is proud of, and are as luxurious as a high-class hotel (^▽^).

The bedroom is a spacious 8 square meters, and the indirect lighting creates a wonderful atmosphere.

The living room has a large window, so it is sunny and open, so you can have a good time with your family \(^o^)/.

Both Hachiken and Hassamu will be open to the public during the 3 consecutive holidays from 10/8 to 10/10, so please come and see the stylish and wonderful houses for sale at Ridghouse with your own eyes!

For reservations or inquiries, please feel free to make love to me.

Lid Corporation ℡ 011-612-3100

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