Do you know about antibacterial and antiviral processed building materials?

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How is everyone doing in the continuing cold weather?

Although the relaxation of waterfront measures has allowed people to take off their masks and act outside

This year, it is said that the flu will be a pandemic in reaction to the outbreak, and so on.


Coronavirus is hard, but so is influenza.

If possible, you don’t want to catch a cold or the flu.

But it is also very hard to sterilize, and even hand washing and gargling has its limits.


Have you all heard of LIXIL’s antibacterial and antiviral processed building materials?

These products include interior door handles, handrails, and floors, and products can be selected to match the design of the home.

Anti-virus processing is a process that reduces the number of specific viruses adhering to the surface by adding an anti-viral agent to the surface coating or decorative sheet.

Antimicrobials are products that inhibit the growth of bacteria on surfaces, rather than killing or reducing them.

By using this product, you will be able to prevent colds and flu as much as possible with less sterilization than usual.

In these times when it is said that unknown viruses are likely to emerge in the future.

Why don’t we start with the housing you live in on a daily basis?


LID offers such products in addition to our regular products, and we can make suggestions to address your concerns.

If you are interested in our services, please visit us at Lid. Our staff will be happy to meet with you.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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