Attractiveness of Triple Sash

It was still hot in September.
It has been cooler at night lately!
It has become very comfortable, but
It is easy to get sick during the change of seasons.
Please take care of yourselves, everyone ( >_ <)

In this blog, we will discuss recommendations for triple sash
Learn more!

Excellent thermal insulation

Triple sashes are more compact than regular double sashes (two overlapping window frames).
It has three glass layers and two air layers.
This significantly reduces heat loss from heating and cooling and maintains a comfortable room temperature.
As a result, energy costs can be reduced.

Excellent sound insulation

The triple sash multi-layered structure effectively blocks external noise and creates a quiet and tranquil living environment.
Helps protect against traffic and neighborhood noise.

Comfortable living environment

Triple sash effectively blocks cold air and wind from the windows, keeping the building interior more comfortable.
In cold regions, it protects against winter cold and blocks heat in hot climates.

High Security

Triple sash has a sturdy construction and enhanced security features.
This improves the safety of the house.

Indoor UV protection

Three layers of glass protect indoor furniture and floors from UV rays and
Prevents fading.

These windows improve thermal insulation, soundproofing, security, and
Because it can make home life more comfortable and safe,
Whether you are thinking about housing or replacing your windows
Please consider triple sash as an option.

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