What are the latest housing trends, and?


In this issue, we will discuss recent trends in housing!

The trend for housing in 2023 is ‘biophilic design!

Biophilic design is… a design or method that allows people in a space to feel connected to nature. It may be used at the scale of a building or at the scale of a city, and is said to have benefits for a wide range of areas including health, environment, and economy.

If we were to replace it in a house, for example, it would be a house with a courtyard, green walls, etc!

But in Hokkaido, it is difficult to manage in winter, and there are not many people who build courtyards and green walls.

But if you want to be trendy and heal yourself with greenery…

Succulents and artificial houseplants are recommended.

Cacti are famous for being easy to care for. Compared to other plants, cacti are more tolerant of drought and require less watering! Some types of cacti bloom flowers, so you can choose the one that best fits your interior design.

This plant is popular for its plump, succulent leaves and unique form. A typical succulent plant is the aloe. Other succulents include echeveria, sedum, and euphorbia, which can be selected according to taste and interior design.

There are many other plants that can be grown indoors, including leafy plants such as Monstera and Pachira, and plants that can be hung for decoration, such as Ivy.

You can change the atmosphere of a house just by incorporating small things.
If you want to be healed by greenery and have a refreshing morning, why not consider it? ☺

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