What is the ideal living room size?

The living room is the “face” of a home. A spacious and bright space is something to aspire to ✨.
If you are building a custom-built house, many people want to “make it bigger than their current living room.
So, what is the average size of the living room, which is the place where the family spends the most time and where guests are entertained?

The standard size of LDK for a family of four is about 16 to 20 tatami mats, with a minimum size of 20 tatami mats among them.
 It seems to be “somewhat roomy.” (Whether it feels roomy or not depends on a thousand things…)

In fact, we have calculated the average number of tatami mats in the LDKs of our customers who have signed contracts with us this term.
21.37 square metersThe company was

I can see that you still want a spacious living room.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the following
As is the case with lids, living rooms are most often described as LDKs.
L: Living room
D: Dining
K: Kitchen

In the case of LDK, “dining” and “kitchen” space is included in the number of tatami mats.
Please note that LDK does not represent a space purely as a living room.

Care should also be taken about the distance of the TV as it relates to the size of the living room.

Although TV sets are becoming larger and larger, the optimum viewing distance is “the height of the TV screen x approx. 3 times”.
For example, a 60-inch TV has a screen height of about 74.7 cm
74.7 cm x 3 = 224. 1 cm is the optimal viewing distance.

If the sofa is too far away from the TV because the living room is large, it will be difficult to see it.

LID offers interior perspective drawings. We can help you visualize your project by placing your furniture on the perspective.

Why don’t you think about what you…and your family…each want to do in your living room✨.
I am sure you will see a fun future just by creating it.
If you are considering buying your own home, please contact Lid!
We will help you to realize your ideal living room!

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