Creating space with pendant lights

Hello 😊
This is coordinator Horiuchi.

In this issue, we would like to introduce pendant lights, the most dramatic of all lighting types.

In the dining room and kitchen, it is important to create light that encourages enjoyable conversation, and comfortable brightness and light design are important.
Between daylight white light and light bulb light for making food look delicious, light bulb color is by far the most commonly used light color, and it is the color of light that affects the appearance of food.

Pendant lighting, which is often used for dining room lighting, hangs from the ceiling on cords and is a source of light that efficiently illuminates the dining table, creating an enjoyable dining space.

Recently, a wide variety of pendant lights have become available, and you can choose the dining room lighting that best suits your room from a wide range of types, including those designed for fashion, those prioritizing functionality, and those pursuing quality of light.

And recently, it has become fashionable to hang several small pendant lights above the dining table. They make the dining table look nice and are effective in the sense that they illuminate the table evenly at a wide dining table.

And most important is the balance between the living room and kitchen.

If the living room and kitchen are visible from the dining room, it is especially important to choose lighting fixtures that match the overall interior taste.

It is important to coordinate not only Scandinavian and modern tastes, but also to create commonalities in color and material so that the designs of all visible lighting fixtures do not become clashed.

We will propose many wonderful fixtures that will make the client feel “fashionable”!

If you have any questions, please come to Lid.
We look forward to seeing you soon😊.

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