How to choose a sofa


When your house is finished, you will want to change the furniture ☺.

The sofa is a very important and indispensable item among them.

Many people in Japan have compact floor plans, and many worry that a large sofa will make them feel oppressed.

In fact, just by paying attention to the color, design, and size of the sofa, you can make the room feel [spacious] without making it look small ✨✨✨.

In terms of colors, white, ivory, light beige, and gray are particularly easy to match.

If the wall color is white, white or ivory can make the room look larger by assimilating and blending with the wall 🌸.

If you want to make it look wider by design, choose armless.

It can sit all the way to the edge and has a larger effective area 🏠.

The absence of arms eliminates the risk of small children bumping their heads on the sofa, which is easy to lie down on.

Even if the sofa has arms, an open space between the armchair and the floor creates a sense of space and makes it look lighter.

When choosing the size of a sofa, consider the number of people sitting on it.

The seat width for one person must be 60 cm on the inside and 90 cm on the outside.

Multiply the number of people seated based on this dimension.

A depth of around 60 cm on the inside and 90 cm on the outside is sufficient, regardless of the number of people seated.

When looking in catalogs, check the inside dimensions, not the outside!

If you look at the outside dimensions, it may feel tighter than it actually is.

A sofa may look surprisingly small when you see it on the sales floor, but you should actually measure it to make sure it is large enough for your room. Do not be complacent when you have found the sofa you want, but check the delivery route and consult with a furniture dealer if you are concerned.

Please contact Lid if you have any questions about furniture! We will be happy to make furniture suggestions!

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