Tips for deciding on the interior design of your home

It’s been a while! This is coordinator Onee (*’omega’*).


One of the difficulties in deciding on housing is the cohesiveness and balance of colors.

There are so many things to decide about a house, this floor, the fixtures, the wallpaper, the curtains, do they all have the same color, the..,

Many people must be wondering if the color is not enough or too dark (+o+)

So here are some tips on how to decide on the interior design of your home!


First, the color scheme,

Have you heard of personal color, something we hear a lot about these days?

Find the color that suits you best from among the colors divided by spring, summer, fall, and winter according to your skin color.

This one is used for makeup and clothing, but no way.

The same goes for housing!!!!

It is.


Basically, colors can be divided into yellow base and blue base.

From among them, they can be further divided into spring/fall, summer/winter groups.

When deciding on the interior design, we can unify the base here.

The colors don’t match, it’s a mess…(;O;)

What a way to avoid housing!


Yellow base is a group of warm colors.

Wooden textures, ceramics, cotton materials, etc. are said to be compatible with each other.

Blue base is a group of cool tone colors.

Glass and leather materials work well together.

We’re sure you’ll make a selection to your liking!


Second, the balance of colors!

This one, already, experience! Sense!!!! I can only say, ..,

Holy shit, it will test your ability to imagine. 、、、、

At Lido, everything is done with such a balance of colors.

Our dedicated coordinator will coordinate!


Difficult to balance the colors,,, hard to imagine..,

But I want a stylish home I can be proud of!!! etc. etc.

If you’re thinking about it, come on down to the Lid for a visit!

Our coordinators will work with you to figure it out! (^o^)/


We are looking forward to meeting you all.

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