SNS is now open!

Hello, my name is Yamada and I am in charge of drawing.
With the warm weather continuing, we are finally starting to feel spring 🌷.

Now, when considering the purchase or construction of a new home, many of you may be gathering information on social networking sites. In fact, more and more of our customers are showing us images from Instagram, saying, “I want it to look like this! and more and more customers are showing us their pictures on Instagram.
I’ll make love to you in my spare time.

We would like to help you and would like you to know more about RID HOUSE.
So, finally, we’ve launched RID HOUSE’s Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

You can navigate to your Instagram account from the ☝ button.
r.i.dhouse (@r.i.dhouse)

You can navigate to your Facebook account from the ☝ button.

You can navigate to your Pinterest account from the ☝ button.
RID HOUSE (@rwhy8985).

On SNS, we post the latest information such as open houses and construction photos.
Please follow and like 👍♡♡♡♡😊.
We also welcome your comments and requests such as “I want to see an interior style with this kind of atmosphere” or “I want to see construction photos of this room ❀.

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