Whole house air conditioning YUCACO system!

Hello everyone!

Utility costs are going up and up today, but are you still saving money on your utility bills?

Ridghouse will be launching a series of new houses equipped with the “YUCACO System,” a whole-house air-conditioning system!

The YUCACO system is a system in which a single air conditioner keeps the entire house cool in summer and warm in winter!

The reason why it is economical is that in a normal house, warm air is exhausted to the outside by a ventilation system,

The YUCACO system recovers and reuses warm air, making it energy efficient and reducing utility costs.

It is possible to do so!

A typical house has a heating boiler and each room must have a panel heater and air conditioner!

Ridghouse can be heated and cooled with a single air conditioner, which reduces the initial investment!

However, not just any house can adopt it!

This system is possible because of the high performance of Lidl House’s standard specifications.

It must meet Ua value of 0.25 or less and C value of 0.2 or less, which represent the energy conservation standards set by the government!

There are a variety of other conditions that must be met as well. ……….

We will soon be holding an economical YUCACO system information session, so please come and experience it for yourself!

Our staff will be waiting for you with simulations of utility costs and other information!

This is Hasegawa from sales!

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