Consider the image of the interior of the house.

The year 2023 is almost over. We would like to thank everyone for their support this year.
We look forward to your continued support of RIDHOUSE in 2024.

What will you be doing for New Year’s?
A family dinner at the end of the year or going to the first sale at the beginning of the year! What a great way to start the year!

This is the time of year when families tend to gather together, so if you are thinking about housing, why not have a family meeting to talk about how you envision the interior design?

By discussing this image with the family, the housing meeting will become even more enjoyable!

There are a variety of interior designs, even if we call them images, so we would like to introduce them all together once.

☆ Modern

About 80% of the people who purchase a house at RIDHOUSE consider this image.
Modern” in a nutshell, however, includes a wide variety of designs, including simple modern and hotel-like designs. What these designs have in common is a linear design with an urban and stylish image. If you like glossy or monotone colors, why not consider this design?

☆ Japanese style

The design is familiar to Japanese people, like the old private homes that have become a trend in cafes in recent years. The warmth of the wood and the calm atmosphere have become popular, and this design is recommended for those who want to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in their interiors with an awareness of the goodness of Japanese tradition.

☆ Minimal

The minimalist style has become a standard in the past few years. Recently, the image of not putting anything unnecessary in the house has become popular, and the simple image of the house shows the taste and sense of the people who live in it. This is recommended for those who want to determine what is necessary for themselves and express their individuality.

☆ rustic

This image has also become popular in recent years. It is a simple, unadorned design that makes the most of the quality of the materials. It is a design that somehow evokes a sense of nostalgia and is put together with a moderately old-fashioned feel. It is recommended for those who want to feel their own personality and a modern atmosphere in the midst of nostalgia.


The image is characterized by a rugged design without unnecessary decoration using inorganic materials such as metal. Daringly combining rusted materials, leather products, and old materials well enhances the charm. This is recommended for those who want to incorporate vintage items in a manly manner.

☆ Nordic

This simple and stylish design uses white as its base color and accent colors such as natural wood and textiles. This interior style is especially recommended for those who like natural atmosphere and functional furniture.

There are also a variety of other styles that have become less common recently, such as country style with gentle wood, classic style like a castle, tropical style, and Mediterranean style with a nautical image.

I think it is fun to think about which image you like best and which space you can be yourself in.

If you have any questions or concerns that you cannot put together, please feel free to contact us at Lid.

Our coordinators will listen to your preferences and propose the perfect design.

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