Tomigaoka Model House completed

Hello ☺
Temperatures are quickly turning cold, and you don’t want to leave your room.
In such a situation, when I see people jogging in the morning or walking with their dogs, I admire them.
Your friend’s dog runs around the house and you can’t take your eyes off him💦.
If you keep a dog or cat at home, you will inevitably feel inconvenienced in a normal house.

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new Tomigaoka model house for dogs.
This model is a dog-friendly house, so there are many features to make it comfortable for dogs.

After returning from a walk, your dog’s hands and feet inevitably get dirty and you are bothered even if you wipe them off….
This one has a faucet for washing your dog’s hands and feet right after you enter the entrance.
GOOD hygiene
It comes with a cute board to display toys that have been played with.

The living room has a room under the stairs dedicated to doggies that even adults can fit in.
You can relax in comfort 🐶It is lighted for easy cleaning.

The entire house is a chic and relaxing space where people and dogs can easily coexist, and the atrium creates a bright and liberating atmosphere.
*All furniture and accessories here are included.

You are welcome to visit the building, so please contact Lid if you are interested (*’oo’).

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