Korean style design house

Hello 😊
This is coordinator Horiuchi!

Corona has calmed down a bit and more and more people are traveling abroad. ✈️☀️

From 2.3 years ago to this year, movies, dramas, idols, gourmet food,..,

The Korean boom is still very popular ✨✨.

In this environment, the number of customers who want to make their homes Korean style is also increasing.
This time, we would like to introduce a newly completed Korean-style house in Kikusui with white as its precious color.

The interior is characterized by pale tones of white, gray, ivory, and beige!

Bedrooms are also often decorated in soothing, dusky colors, and the muted tones create a calm, yet elegant atmosphere

This one also has a desk, making it ideal for use as a remote or study room. ✏️

The bathroom is also equipped with a pendant light ✨, making it a stylish and wonderful space for guests 😍.

If you are interested in this property
Please contact Lid! We look forward to seeing you soon! *…

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