Recommendations for houses for sale that are open to the public

It has been a while!
This is coordinator One.

Today, we would like to share with you some of the recommendations for Lido’s homes for sale that are currently open to the public!

First house, North 46th Street Subdivision.

The interior of this house is simple, modern, and clean.

The house is simple yet serene and has a well-defined flow line, making it quite livable.

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Next is the second house, Shimbassamu Subdivision.

This residence also has a simple, clean look!

The living room is located on the second floor, allowing for a clear separation of private and shared space in this residence.

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Next up: Shin-Bassamu Subdivision.

This house is built next to the second house for sale, and this one has a dark and stately impression

The light coming in through the large windows is unique to the second floor living room.

Indirect lighting on the dish tiers is impressive.

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The fourth building is for sale in Hassamu.

This house is also designed with a sense of massing in mind.

The house for sale has a vaulted ceiling that makes it feel larger than it actually is.

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Finally, Shinkotoni Model House

This is Lid’s first model house.

Unlike houses for sale, these homes have specifications that are quite particular about their interiors and equipment.

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Currently, a total of 5 houses for sale and model homes are available for viewing in Lido.

As a coordinator, I can also provide interior design, equipment, furniture and sundries to suit each house.
We are very particular in our selection.

We invite you to take a look at LID’s homes, which are different from those of other homebuilders.

We look forward to seeing you and making an appointment for a tour!

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