Dog friendly housing coordinator

Hello everyone! This is Hasegawa from sales.

On a personal note, I became a certified dog lover housing coordinator in March! What kind of certification?
A home is where your dog spends most of its life,
How you live with your dog will greatly affect the richness and enjoyment of your life.

The dog lover housing coordinator is responsible for “how to raise” your dog and “housing” with your dog.
We are experts in “Aikenke Jutaku” (dog-friendly housing), which considers housing from the perspective of both the “dog’s home” and the “dog’s house”.
Through helping to create a safe, secure, and comfortable home for dog lovers,
I obtained my certification so that I can support a satisfying living environment and a rich and enjoyable lifestyle.

I also have a dog and when I come home from work tired, he picks me up and soothes my soul.

They are now an indispensable family member! By the way, the picture below is my dog “Ginjiro” (o^^o).

I obtained the certification in order to make suggestions for the comfort of these families.

Please show us your dogs, too!

Please feel free to contact us if you are a dog lover!

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