Speaking of fall, ..,

Hello! I’m coordinator, Onee!!! (^O^)

How is everyone doing in the pleasant temperatures of September? ✨

When you think of autumn, what do you think of?

In the fall of reading, I sometimes want to read novels and other books.
They say fall is perfect for reading because the temperatures are cooler and the nights are cooler and darker earlier!
They say fall is better in the spring and summer because many people find it less comfortable due to the humidity and the rainy season!

It is said that the days when you can exercise comfortably in the fall because of the cooler weather are said to be the season when people can easily start exercising to lose weight! It is said to be an easy season for those who want to start exercising to lose weight.

Autumn is the season of art, and many people may be moved just by walking along the streets as the leaves change colors. Seeing the autumn leaves, more and more people will want to go to art museums or even try painting!

Autumn is the best season for vacations, and since there is the Silver Week, many people take a trip in autumn! Compared to other regions, Hokkaido’s autumn foliage is particularly early, so many people come to Hokkaido (*’omega’*).

Autumn is the season of sleep, or as the term “long autumn nights” suggests, the nights are getting longer and many people are sleeping longer! And just as mammals hibernate in the winter, humans instinctively sleep longer because we are mammals!

Autumn of appetite,,,,this is the most important in my opinion!!! (lol)
It’s the time of year for chestnuts, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other delicious foods! It is the time of year when the harvest increases, so much so that there are words such as “autumn of taste” and “autumn of harvest,” which makes us want to eat a lot of delicious foods.

Autumn is the season for such fun, but if you have a dog or cat, you may want to
It’s time to start the molting season, and it’s time to take care of your pet. 💦💦.

Just like dogs and cats, humans also have a hair-growing season.
It is said that as many as 70 to 80 hairs fall out per day from shampooing and blow-drying alone.
The longer your hair is, the more you will probably feel the number of hairs falling out,..,

Lid can suggest flooring materials that won’t show hair, floor plans that make it easier to clean, and materials that make it easier to clean!

If you want to make cleaning as easy as possible, come on down to Lid!
We will make the best proposal for you (*´▽*).

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