About Houseplants

Hello, this is coordinator Horiuchi!

The other day I went shopping at Sapporo Station and the weather was beautiful and the trees were soaking up the sun 😊.

Today I would like to talk about “houseplants,” which are indispensable for interior design.
If you build a house, you will want to decorate it 🌳 I am sure many of you do.
Just the presence of greenery can be a healing space.

There are many advantages and I would like to share them with you!

Houseplants can be used to brighten up a drab room or
It is a popular interior design that can easily change the atmosphere 😊.

Larger houseplants can cast shadows.
The shadows combined with the sunlight create a very nice space!

Smaller plants can be added to a table for a more festive look ✨.

It also enhances natural healing power, maintains good health, and relieves fatigue.
It is also effective.

Plants are usually green in color, but
Green color relieves eye fatigue and activates the cerebral cortex
It works.
This effect must be soothing!

Plants contain “formaldehyde” and “xylene,” among others.
It adsorbs and decomposes harmful substances and reduces carbon dioxide through photosynthesis,
It also increases oxygenation!

The rest of the water sucked up from the roots is then transpired according to the humidity in the room.
It also helps to maintain humidity!

Research shows that it has to do with feng shui.

The entranceway is considered to be “a place to welcome good luck (good chi),
If you are going to place a houseplant as an interior decoration, we recommend one with “yang” chi, which prevents bad vibes from entering from the outside. We recommend plants that grow upward and have pointed leaves.

Kapok (Schefflera)

The living room is considered “the place that influences the luck of the family”. Since appliances can disturb the chi, we recommend “yin” houseplants with round leaves that provide calm and gently subdue the chi, and whose leaves face downwards.

devil’s ivy (species of arum, Epipremnum aureum)

If watering is troublesome or you are not good at growing flowers, we recommend artificial flowers first 🌸.

It’s because of the house we build with a lot of care.
It is also recommended to give the interior design a special attention and meaning. ⁺o(⁎˃˃˃)o⁺‧-͙‧⁺

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