Fantasize about your own home

Nice to meet you, I am Yamada, Designer.
I am mainly responsible for the preparation of drawings.
Floor plans, elevations, etc.
In this issue, we will talk about “introspective perspective.

For example, when looking for an apartment for rent, don’t you always look at pictures of the interior?
Have you ever thought that you can’t tell from a floor plan alone…?
I thought so many times during my property search.

However, the home we are about to build has no pictures.

This is the reality.

(Of course.)

So, to give you some idea of what the house looks like.
The “perspective” is being created.

↓This is a floor plan. It is hard to get an image of what kind of house will be built just from this.

↓Perspective created based on the floor plan above

No alt attribute is specified for this image

↓ And a picture of the completed property (it’s a build-to-suit in Atsubetsu)

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What is important when building your own home.
It is,

How much more delusional can you get?

I believe it is.

When I left, I was
When you’ re standing in the kitchen, you’ll see
When the family returned to
When you eat a meal , you should
When you sleep,
When you wake up,

How much can we fantasize about each ” when”?
There are as many exciting things as there are delusions.
It’s a big, once-in-a-lifetime purchase.
We want you to be excited.

We hope to increase the delusion of many customers.
I am still working on the perspective today.
It’s not often we get the chance to meet in person,
I hope to see you through the drawings.
We’re excitedly awaiting your arrival!

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