Hello everyone! This is Iwase from sales!

We will be sending out a variety of information, both housing-related and non-housing-related.

First of all, let me lightly introduce myself to you to see what kind of person I am.

After devoting himself to baseball from an early age and gaining experience in the field after entering the workforce, he

I was a housing salesman for about 8 years at an affiliate of Lid.

Self-proclaimed diet man who loves to eat (╭☞-́⍛-̀)╭☞ ╭☞ iki-ikei-diet-housie-tekudasai!

I am from Kushiro, Hokkaido, a port town famous for its marshlands and fog.

It’s not well known, but Kushiro Port is also home to one of the “World’s Three Great Sunsets!

Along with Bali Island in Indonesia and Manila Bay in the Philippines.

“A sunset of unparalleled beauty.”

Roots” was praised by sailors who traveled all over the world.

Apparently, while located on the Pacific coast of the Japanese archipelago to the east of the archipelago,

The sunset from the river to the sea…

If you are interested, please check “The World’s Three Greatest Sunsets in Kushiro” (/ω\\).

It’s a very nice place, so if you’re ever in Kushiro, be sure to stop by and check it out!

…and well, I ended up introducing myself and my hometown,

Next time I’ll talk to you about “building a house!”

Well then, have a good day everyone~!

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