Free solar power!


This time, we’ve got some great deals from our sales rep, Sato!


Many of you may have been surprised to see last month’s electricity bill.

As we reported in our last BLOG, electricity rates for general households are expected to increase by approximately 32% starting from the electricity rates for use in December last year.

Not only electricity, but gas, kerosene, and many other things have gone up, up, up 、、、、

I am sure every family is troubled by this emergency.


So this time, we would like to briefly introduce solar power, which we strongly recommend to our customers who are considering a house at RIDHOUSE!

Many people think that there are no benefits to solar power because it costs a lot of money to install and the price of electricity is lower than it used to be.

But if you can install solar power for free and pay significantly less for the electricity you use than the power company, what choice do you have but to install it?


The sunlight is here in the form of “Share Den ki”.

Share Denki Hokkaido website quote

(1) No initial/monthly fees!

(2) Unlimited use of solar-generated electricity at 25 yen per KWh!

(3) After-sales maintenance and upkeep included!

(4) After 15 years, the product is transferred to the customer free of charge. !!!!

(5) After the free transfer, you will also get income from the sale of electricity. !!!!!

6) It is safe to use in emergencies. !!!!!!


With all these good things about sunlight, who wouldn’t care!

For more information, please contact one of our salesmen!


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