Things to do before you move in!

The snow has melted, and I guess it is time for the entrance ceremony, how is everyone doing?

Today, I hope to share with you four things to do before you move in!

The first is cleaning!

We recommend that you clean the room once before you move in, whether you are moving into a new building or renting.
Attach a dry sheet to a quick wiper and wipe the walls and ceiling once.
In the case of a new building, the wallpaper can be surprisingly dirty due to the adhesive on the wallpaper, and in the case of a rental, it can be dirty due to dust and other factors!

The second is to put masking tape over the caulking area around the water!

When you move in, the caulking is clean and free of mold.
If water gets on here as it is or dust gets on it, it will be difficult to clean up afterwards.
Therefore, we recommend that you put masking tape over the caulking area in advance.
It is recommended that the areas where dust might ride, around the stove, etc., be stretched together since it is difficult to clean them if grease stains get into them!

The third is to spray anti-mildew and water repellent!

This one is just as effective as caulking in maintaining cleanliness.
Spraying a mold inhibitor inside the unit bath and sprinkling a water repellent on the washbasin, sink, etc. will prevent mold from forming and water stains from forming.
However, whether or not it can be used depends on the material, etc., so please check before using it.

The second is to place and stretch sheets on each shelf!

It is recommended that areas that are likely to get dirty, such as shoe boxes and cupboards with shelves, be covered with sheets when they are empty before moving in.
After you move in, it will take a lot of time to store your things while putting up the sheets.
So, if you work on it in advance, you can clean up smoothly when you move out.

There are many other things to do when moving, such as attaching mothproof covers to the drainage hoses of air conditioners, cleaning the air conditioners, etc.
But if you skimp here, you will suffer yourself later, so try your best!

The time of moving to a new place to start a new life is a fun and exciting time!
Please consult with Lid once you have any concerns about your new life.
Our housing professionals will remove your concerns!

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