Washbasin near the entrance

It’s been a while, everyone. I am Hanada, in charge of making drawings.

We are almost at the end of another year.
I love the holiday season because it’s the first time in a long time that I can relax with my family, but
The older I get, the quicker the New Year’s holidays seem to come and go, which makes me a little sad.

The corona has calmed down a bit, but the number of infections can suddenly increase.
I’m not out of the woods yet.
It is going to get even colder and colder, so we need to be careful of colds.

Recently, people are installing washbasins and hand washing basins near the entrance to prevent new coronavirus infection.
The number is increasing.
Avoid going out unnecessarily, observe social distance, and other necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection.
Various actions are required, but the basic rule is to wash hands and gargle frequently.

When I arrived home, I had to take off my coat to go to the bathroom, open and close the door, and so on,
I push switches to turn on lights and touch quite a few places before washing my hands.
Some of you may wash your hands.
As a result, if you want to be thorough in your sanitization, you have to trace your actions back to where you touched.
It takes a lot of time and effort to disinfect and go around.

↑A floor plan like this, with the washbasin right next to the entrance, is, of course, the way to go under the current circumstances.
It also helps prevent colds and flu and hay fever.

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