Stylish workspace

Nice to meet you! I am Horiuchi, the coordinator.

I think more and more people are teleworking because Corona has not settled down well.

Recently, workspaces have become mainstream in the home, and many people have their own space.

It’s important to keep your work and personal lives separate!

Therefore, I would like to talk about workspaces.

If your desk has a lot of storage, you won’t know where you put things.

It is often difficult to find it when you want to use it, and on the contrary, it often becomes a mess (-_-;).

And cleaning is a hassle…

You don’t want a study that is difficult to use.

When prioritizing work efficiency and ease of cleanup, “It’s easier to see what you use on a daily basis.”

The conclusion is that.

Even if you have things on your desk, you can unify the colors of files and accessories to make it look clean and stylish.

And by keeping drawers to a bare minimum, it looks good and neat!

Easy to clean

Since the use of the product varies depending on the person who uses it, we would like to make a proposal tailored to each customer’s needs.

Please contact us, RIDHOUSE.

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