What is the recommended location for molding?

Hello, I’m Hanada, your drawing supervisor.

Sapporo is getting colder with snow falling here and there, and it has already turned into winter ⛄.
There is only a month and a half left in this year ( p.s.).

While the corona has not yet subsided, it is time for the flu to spread.
I hope you all take care of yourselves (´;omg).

Now, I would like to talk about molding.

Masonry is the process of building a custom-built house with furniture, shelving, and
It is attractive to be able to freely build washbasins and other items to order.

We would like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of molding and recommended locations for molding.

One of the advantages of building with molding is that the materials are cut at the construction site of the house and
It can be assembled to create furniture and shelves that fit perfectly with the size and shape of the room,
Customers are free to make them in any size they are comfortable with.
This makes it possible to use room space without wasting it.

On the contrary, the disadvantage of making something by molding is that it is made by hand one by one, which makes it more elaborate.
The more you make, the higher the cost.

Also, the recommended place to build is

Built-in washbasin

I think it is rather popular to build a washbasin with a built-in sink.
In the case of ready-made washstands, functionality is very good, but when considering appearance and usability
With a custom-made washbasin, it is possible to create a washbasin with the perfect size, washbasin bowl, faucet, and so on.
You can freely choose to create your ideal stylish space.

Built-in shelves

Recently, more and more people who work from home are incorporating a study area into their homes.
Counter and shelves in the study are built in to make it easy to tidy up.
It looks clean and stylish, making it a cozy space.
Highly recommended if you spend most of your day in the study.

The main attraction of the built-ins is that they can be made to fit the house, making it not only more usable, but also more stylish in appearance.â

If you are thinking about building a home, please try to incorporate it into your home.
Of course, RIDHOUSE will be happy to make the best proposal for you, so please feel free to visit us (*^^*).

We are waiting for you.

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