A customer’s beautiful home that fulfills his particular needs.

Hello ♪
I’m Hanada, the drawing designer.

This time we would like to introduce a customer’s house that was built by RIDHOUSE at the end of last year.
The customer has given us permission to publish the information.

We talked about the theme color in our last blog, and the theme color of the customer’s house we are introducing here is ”gray”.
Both the husband and the wife like gray, so our coordinator proposed a planning based on gray, and after many meetings with the customer
We aimed to create a modern, hotel-like home.

The kitchen overlooks the entire LDK, allowing you to keep an eye on your family while cooking, giving you a sense of security.â

Here, the entire LDK has a bright and open living room with large atrium windows and impressive indirect lighting.
Here’s a point ☝.
In order to create a hotel-like house, curtain rails are not installed at the height of the windows, but rather hidden by indirect lighting, creating a sense of unity and making the space more fashionable.

We have completed a home with uncompromising attention to detail in terms of design.

If you are thinking about building a house in the future, please feel free to consult us about anything… ♪
We look forward to hearing from you.

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