Let’s think interior design!

Hello! This is coordinator Onee (*’omega’*).

It has been a long time since I have posted!
Today, I would like to talk a little about interior design.

What do you think of when you hear the word “interior design”?



Built in…

Many things are collectively referred to as interior design.

Often forgotten is that, yes.

Curtains: !!!!

A space with no sense of life…

Warm and warm space…

Open space…

When you are thinking about housing, you may have a variety of spaces in mind that you like.

Something we do not want you to forget in doing so,

It’s curtains. (◎_◎;)

Curtains are attached to almost all areas where windows are attached.
Surprisingly, it is a large visible area in the house.

So, if the size is not right or the texture is not right

The beautiful houses that we have thought so much about are now in a state of flux, (; ・・・・д・´)

I exaggerated a bit, but it really could happen.

That is how important curtains are to a house.

These days, you can buy reasonably priced curtains at various stores.
I need to repurchase because the size doesn’t fit! I need to repurchase because it’s not what I imagined!
It is difficult to find the right one, but it is expensive in the end.

So, at RID HOUSE, we offer such a curtain plan that includes it all!

What kind of curtains will fit? What shapes are available?

If you have such problems, please contact RID HOUSE (*^-^*).

We will create a beautiful home together with you (*’omega’ *)

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