Money Talks

Hello, this is Sato.

In this issue, we will talk a little about the money involved in housing…

When it comes time to consider building a new house, there are actually many other things to spend money on besides “land” and “building”.

So, in this issue, we will briefly talk about the money you will get back instead of just paying!

Currently, there are three things that most people are eligible for when they build a new home.

 (1) Housing Benefit (2) Special Credit for Home Acquisition (3) Green Housing Point

This time, I would like to briefly discuss (3) Green Housing Point.

Green Housing Points, like the eco-points implemented a few years ago, are available for newly built, remodeled, and used homes, and up to 1 million points can be issued for newly built homes.

While there are still some areas that have yet to be determined regarding the timing of the application and how the points will be used, this is an area that those who are considering housing should definitely take advantage of!

Depending on the time of year and area, there may be other deals available, so if you are thinking about buying a house, please let our sales staff know and we will help you!

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