Electric curtains on the stairs!

Hello! This is coordinator Onee(^O^)

Today, I wish I could talk to you about curtains!

Do you all have windows on your staircases?

Many people who build in Lido add windows for daylight and lighting!

If you are going to put in windows, you have to worry about what to do with the curtains, don’t you?

When the windows are placed high to get more sunlight, the curtain chains are too long and look disgraceful,

But if you put a window in a low place, you have to worry about the line of sight, too,

I might use frosted glass! But I want to emphasize the sense of openness, etc., etc., etc,

Electric roll screens are the solution to such problems: !!!!

Electric roll screens are, literally, electrically operated, so

The opening and closing of the door is operated by remote control.

Therefore, the chain of operation, etc. does not come out and the appearance can be neatly done.

Electric roll screens are used for narrow windows like the one in the photo!

Motorized vertical blinds are also recommended for large windows! ✨

Both are easy to operate, and opening and closing just one window or all of them at once is a breeze with remote control operation.

This is not only for the staircase, but also for those who want to make it easier to open and close the windows in the living room where there are many windows.

We have a wide variety of curtains, from major ones to non-major ones.

If you are having trouble with your curtains, please stop by Lid!

Our coordinators will be happy to make suggestions (^O^)

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

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