Snowbugs found! First snow soon?

Hello! How is everyone doing?

It’s getting completely cold ⛄

I’m Iizuka, a new site manager. This is my first blog entry!


About a week ago, we began to see snow bugs flying around.

They have always said that when you see a snow bug, the first snow is near!

The first snowfall forecast for the Sapporo plains in 2022 is expected around November 5-12.

By the way, I checked and last year the first snowfall was on November 19.


And with the first snowfall in mind, change your winter tires as soon as you can!

The average life of a studless tire is said to be 3 to 4 years.

Even when not in use, they seem to deteriorate and become less effective.

The tires will have the date of manufacture on them, so check them once!

Might be time for a replacement soon!


I’m going to change the subject, but here is a little information about ready-built houses for sale.

A ready-built house for sale in Hassamu is about to be completed at the end of October.

We look forward to making it available to our clients in early November!

We think we can show you a very stylish and cozy house.


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