About color vision

Nice to meet you! My name is Nakazawa, and I am in charge of making drawings.

It’s almost Halloween 🎃.
Halloween is a festival to celebrate the autumn harvest, to welcome the spirits of ancestors and to drive away evil spirits.
But in Japan, people have a strong impression that it’s a day to dress up!
Recently, we have seen dogs dressed up in costumes and walking around.
It’s so dusty and full of the feeling of being made to wear it 🐶.

Now, I would like to talk about color rendering property = the way colors look ^^.
Have you ever heard of the term “color rendering property”?

Color rendering property is a property of a light source that determines how the color of a material appears depending on its illumination.
Generally speaking, a light source with good color rendering properties makes colors look better and is closer to the colors seen under natural light.
Good color rendering property” is called “good color rendering property,” while poor color visibility is called “poor color rendering property.

The meat I bought at the supermarket was kind of off-color when I got it home…
What a surprise!
That’s because they use high color rendering light fixtures in the meat section of the supermarket ;-).

The appearance of color from lighting is expressed using Ra (average color rendering index).
It is recommended that lighting fixtures with Ra80 or higher be used in general housing.
For example…
Washrooms where people’s skin looks natural
Closet with clear view of clothing colors
The dining room looks more delicious with beautiful colors of dishes.
I recommend it for these and more!

I hope you’ll find it helpful as you build your home!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the house you would like to have 😊 or anything else you may have!

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