Living room learning” improves learning ability!

Hello, I’m Yamada, the drawing designer.

Suddenly, when you think of a “place to study” at home, which room do you think of?
Is the child’s room still the child’s room?

In fact, “living room learning” has become mainstream in recent years.
Living room study, as the name implies, is a style of studying in the living room rather than in the child’s room. It is said that many students at the University of Tokyo studied in the living room, and this study method is attracting a lot of attention.

The Benefits of Living Room Learning

Increased communication among family members

This means that the child will simply spend less time in his or her own room.
In addition, if there is something they do not understand, they can immediately ask questions to their parents, which improves their children’s learning ability and natural communication.

Less temptation

When it comes to children’s rooms, there are many temptations such as comic books, TV, and games….
Recently, more and more children have smart phones, and it is quite common for them to touch them. However, in the living room, there are fewer temptations and parents are present, so there is a moderate sense of tension and concentration can be maintained.

Looking back, I actually had comic books, TV, and video games in my room, and I was tempted to lounge around in bed thinking, “Just for a little while…! I was tempted to stay in my room and play games, but I was too lazy to go to bed….
However, when I did my homework in the living room, I did not have to worry about that, and I think I was able to make progress in my studies because I felt safe that my parents were nearby, so I could ask questions and be watched over.

However, when studying at the dining room table where one eats dinner, one is concerned about eraser shavings and other stains. It gets messy with stationery and textbooks. Or, you may worry that you may watch TV and not be able to concentrate. You may be worried that you may not be able to concentrate on your study.

For those who have such concerns, we can propose a space like this that allows you to concentrate while maintaining a connection with the LDK.
And of course, if you need help with storage, we’re here to help!

Scheduled to be completed in the near future, Hassamu Subdivision HS-17 has a workspace next to the living room.
And don’t miss out on any more such properties to be built in the future!

We are now introducing properties that are currently for sale and will be completed in October.

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