What is the ideal living room size?

The living room is the “face” of a home. A spacious and bright space is something to aspire to ✨.If you are building a custom-built house, many people want to “make it bigger than their current living room.So, what is the average size of the living room, which is the place where the family spends the most time and where guests are entertained? The standard...

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Living room learning” improves learning ability!

Hello, I’m Yamada, the drawing designer. Suddenly, when you think of a “place to study” at home, which room do you think of?Is the child’s room still the child’s room? In fact, “living room learning” has become mainstream in recent years.Living room study, as the name implies, is a style of studying in the living room rather than in the child’s room. It is said...

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